Love in the Mirror

My brother, Julian Omidi, and I are proud to provide support to Love in the Mirror. As many of you reading this know, our charity often gives to other groups that are as passionate as we are about ending poverty. But it is rare that we have the honor of helping a non-profit director as young as the founder of Love in the Mirror. At only eight years old, Jonas Corona has been hard at work in helping more than 7,000 homeless people (many of which are children) during his brief venture into charity and giving. Jonas’ empathy and concern for others at such a young age may have been what piqued our attention, but it is the service he provides through his organization, Love in the Mirror, which has prompted us to give him No More Poverty’s support.

While No More Poverty’s 501(c)3 application is yet pending, Julian Omidi and I cannot be satisfied to slow down in our global fight to end poverty. As we are so keenly focused on this goal, Dr. Omidi and I know that it is only attainable through the support of other organizations created by like-minded individuals. This is why we are so pleased to support the work that Jonas and Love in the Mirror are doing on behalf of homeless children in Long Beach, California. We know that this young man shares our mission and that he isn’t going to let his age stop him from helping other children in his city.

When Jonas was a mere six years old, his mom and aunt used to take him with them on their own altruistic mission to feed the homeless. Young Jonas was touched by the number of children he encountered in these monthly outreach efforts and couldn’t rest until he, himself, had formed an organization that directly targeted their young needs. Since then, Love in the Mirror has been entirely focused on distributing items to young children who are without permanent shelter, food, clothing and toys. My brother, Julian Omidi, and myself know what it takes to start a charitable organization and we understand the hard work that is required in order to help those within an organization’s special demographic. Since No More Poverty operates with the same vision of seeing people everywhere have basic necessities like food and clothing, we knew that supporting Love in the Mirror was the right thing for us to do.

My brother, Julian Omidi, and I sincerely hope that others will follow the path of helping others, and we would love for all interested parties to visit No More Poverty’s website at to learn how to donate directly to Love in the Mirror, as well as to any number of other organizations that we have supported in the past. We also encourage visitors to bookmark our site since we don’t have any plans of stopping until poverty is eradicated and, therefore, will continue to spotlight other organizations to target for assistance. Facebook users can also show support for our mission by ‘Liking’ No More Poverty’s page at

Thank you,
Michael Omidi